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1.  Why can't I register in your website?( can not add to cart)
2. What's the MOQ base on wholesale, is there any discount policy?
3.  Can I get lower price if I place a big order?
5.  How is transport cost calculated?
6.  What is volume weight in express delivery?
7.  How do I go about reducing the cost of transportation on my package?
8.  Can I change what I have ordered into other jewelry after placing an order online?
9.  What's the specification of the jewelry?
10. Do your company send free samples?
11. Do you accept customized making order?
12. How soon the order will be sent after payment?
13. How soon will your site update new products?
14. Should I need to pay the customs duty?
15. Do you notify us when ship out?
1. Why can't I register in the website?

16.does  the pendant come with silver chian ?

17. Is  it all 925  sterling silver jewelry?

18. how can i order the ring ?(ring size)

19. Is your goods is real 925 sterling silver and element crystal ?

1.  Why can't I register in your website?
Sometimes you couldn’t browse our webpage, or fail to create account in our site due to the browser technical reasons. Try using a different browser like IE (Internet Explorer) to browse the site. Most likely it will solve this kind of problem.

2. What's the MOQ base on wholesale, is there any discount policy?
As one of the largest online jewelry wholesaler in China, our  MOQ is  3 pieces  of each item which you interested ,and the  total order amount is 150 usd.With this amount, we could provide you mixed items order to meet your various needs of fashion products. We believe that our abundant goods with reasonable prices and corresponding quality are not going to let you down.
When the order amount is up to  $800, we will give you a 3% discount. more than 2000 usd will be 10% discount . more than 5000 usd will be 15% discount.if it is a large number Single product or customized item,we can talk in depth.

3.  Can I get lower price if I place a big order?

yes, if you make big order. you can email to us. which item ? how many pcs? . so we can give you best price. 

5. How is transport cost calculated?
For Courier and post freight charge it is normally by weight, except for some big volume items (or bulky goods, express term).
For sea shipments, the cost is calculated per Cubic Metre Volume.
For Air Cargoes and Couriers, cost is calculated base on:
a) By weight of package
b) By Volume Weight – whichever is higher.

6. What is volume weight?
Courier companies and air cargo carriers calculate the volume of packages and divide it by a certain factors. This factor is different for every courier company and air cargo carrier. They do this to ensure that packages they are carrying do not occupy a disproportionate space to the weight, on their transport vehicles. If they do, then the couriers and air cargo carriers wish to be compensated accordingly. E.g – If one were to send a kilogram of sponge through air cargo, the one kilo of sponge may occupy space equivalent to 100s of kilos of metal.
7. How do I short the cost of transportation on my package?
We have done a lot in reducing delivery cost for our clients in order to make our items more competitive. We signed discount agreements with several express companies like DHL, EMS, and ask them to give us special benefit terms when we deliver big parcels. Still, many clients feel they could not bear the freight cost comparing the low price order items. In this case, we suggest you choose some high value but light weight items. It will reduce the freight percentage among your whole order cost and be more economic for you.
8. Can I make a change with the items after the order is placed?
Yes, but please notify us about it before you remit! Tell us the Item No. of both the replacing ones and replaced ones.  And we will recalculate the delivery charge because the change may cause a different weight with the parcel.
9. What about the items’ specification?
Most of our products have a specification include title, size, material etc.. If you want to know more details about some items, please contact with us.
10. Will your company send free samples?
If you want to do wholesale business with us for mixed stock items orders, we are sorry to say that we could not provide any free sample. We have minimum amount request on any order, any order under this amount will be seen as invalid operation by our online order system. But for customized making order, you can contact with our sales representatives and see to the actual condition.
11. Do you accept customized making order?
Yes, we have our own factory as well as many cooperating jewelry manufacturers, who provide us competitive prices. Please inform us your special enquires or designs, we will quote you a very reasonable price according to the quantity. 
12. How long the order will be sent after payment?
Usually the order will be sent out within 2-5 workdays. The delivery will be postponed during weekends (we take rest in Sundays at usual times) and the Chinese public holidays (which we will make a note in the website).
13. How often will your site be updated with new products?
Normally we update our site once every week. You can find them in the "Latest Products" part. And we will inform you about the new items through emails if you allow us for it. Or please come to our website frequently to check them out. Meanwhile, some sold out items will be canceled. That’s why we suggest you do the payment quickly after the order is placed, because some hot items may quickly be out of stock after put for sale.
14. Need I pay for the customs duty?
Yes. If there is any charge for customs duty, you need to pay for it. Usually we manage to save this kind of cost for client by reducing the claimed amount of the inside items in the express invoice. For any further question about this please contact us. 

15. Will you notify us when my parcel is delivered?
Yes, when we deliver out your items, we will send an email containing express tracing number. Also you can check the status of your order in our website. There is also a systematically formed commercial invoice with you order items’ information list, payment method, delivery way, stock out list, account balance etc

16.does  the pendant come with silver chian ?

all pendant is not come with silver chain. you should buy 925 chain .

if it is named necklace it is come with chain.  most of silver is pendant. all of alloy is necklace.

17. Is  it all 925  sterling silver jewelry?

most of our goods is 925 sterling  silver jewelry. you can see the category.

the  elements crystal  with alloy  is alloy .  other all jewerly is 925 sterling  silver or  925 sterling 

18. how can i order the ring ?(ring size)

if you want  ring size . you can make order. then write your size in order mark .or email us .

most ring size is 6-10#( usa size)

19. Is your goods is real 925 sterling silver and elements crystal ?

yes yes. our goods is real 925 sterling silver and element crystal . we just do real goods , we only want do longer busineese with you.

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